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Learn about No-Win No-Fee No-Risk Litigation Protection in Canada

Contingency Fee Agreements

Your lawyer has discussed the details and the merits of your case with you. They will have explained the benefits of a "No Win, No Fee" arrangement known as a Contingent Fee Agreement (CFA). The purpose of this agreement is simple—you do not have to pay legal fees until the case settles. Equally as important, you and your lawyer’s interests are the same—get the compensation you deserve for your injury.

Under a CFA, if you lose your case, you will not have to pay your lawyer’s contingency fee. However, under some circumstances, you may not recover any of your costs (e.g. assessments, court costs), and you may be liable to pay your opponent’s legal fees, which could be considerable.

What are my risks?

Personal injury claims can be very complicated and expensive to investigate and pursue due to the time needed and the costs involved in obtaining all the necessary reports and information.

If your lawyer believes your case has merit, you will have a strong likelihood of a successful conclusion. However, litigation is uncertain and not risk-free. To get the compensation you deserve, your lawyer may have to negotiate hard, or you may have to go to trial, both of which carry risk. If your case goes to court and you lose, you may have to pay your opponent’s costs (called "Adverse Costs"), and you will not recover any expenses you or your lawyer have incurred in pursuing your compensation claim. You can protect yourself against this liability with insurance.

LEI Protection – No Win, No Fee, and now No Risk.

Redress Risk has developed a unique insurance policy which protects individuals making personal injury compensation claims. Redress Legal Expense Insurance will cover your disbursements and adverse costs in the event you lose or discontinue your claim.

With Redress LEI, you have peace of mind and security to pursue your legal rights without the risk and uncertainties associated with litigation.

What types of claims will Redress LEI cover?

Redress LEI is available for personal injury claims, such as trip and fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents, occupiers’ liability, long-term disability, and more.

How much will the insurance cover cost?

The cost of the insurance is firm-dependent and is defined by the program which your law firm has in place.

Your lawyer can arrange the proper insurance coverage for you right at his office. There is nothing that you have to do other than advising your lawyer that you would like the "No Risk Protection."

Does my lawyer get any benefit from the insurance?

To be clear, your lawyer has no financial interest in your purchase or rejection of Redress LEI, nor is he affiliated with Redress Risk Management. Your lawyer simply believes Redress LEI will protect you from the uncertainties you may face in litigation, and that it may enable him to better negotiate the settlement you deserve.