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What is After the Event Insurance?

Legal Expense Insurance, also known as After the Event Insurance or ATE Insurance, is a type of insurance that provides coverage for legal costs and expenses incurred after an event has taken place. These events could include personal injury, accidents, or, in the case of our Specific Claims Finance Insurance, First Nations Treaty Breaches.   Our insurance policies offer peace of mind and financial protection, allowing you to pursue your legal rights without the burden of potentially high costs.

Why Choose After the Event Insurance?

Financial Certainty.

Legal Expense Insurance transfers the risk exposure of your firm’s investment in the case and of having to pay your opponent’s legal costs and disbursements in the event of an unsuccessful claim, in exchange for a premium which can be deferred and contingent upon a successful outcome, or staged throughout the litigation.

The existence of an After The Event Insurance (ATE) policy provides an incentive for an opponent to settle.  They will know that the client can pursue a fair settlement without the risk of costs, thereby negating common negotiation tactics.

A larger, wealthier defendant cannot simply outspend a claimant to force a settlement.  After The Event Insurance (ATE) insurance sends the message that the claimant is in litigation for the duration, having minimized the litigation costs risk.

After the Event Insurance

Litigation is expensive and unpredictable. Redress’ comprehensive and innovative insurance solutions assist in obtaining access to the capital required for a case and surviving any unexpected events.

Redress Risk is Canada’s market-leading provider of Legal Expense Insurance (LEI), which is also referred to as After the Event Insurance (ATE). Purchased through lawyers for their clients, Redress’ LEI is proven at the highest levels. Our After The Event Insurance breaks down the financial barriers to a successful claim resolution by mitigating client risks, maximizing the case’s full potential, and protecting the firm’s balance sheet.

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