One-off Policies

What is One-off Policy legal insurance? A one-off policy is any single civil litigation action requiring coverage where the firm does not have Delegated Authority or the action is not eligible thereunder.

After the event insurance, one off policies, Edmonton, AB, Canada

There are many categories, including: Professional Negligence, Insolvency, Inheritance, Probate, Employment (non-Tribunal), Commercial Contract, Personal Contract, Property (all types, personal and commercial), Intellectual Property, Defamation, Human Rights, International Arbitrations, Competition Law, Class Action Cases, Personal Injury (all types), General Liability (all types), Medical Malpractice, Financial Irregularity/Misrepresentation of Financial Products.

The insurance market for these products is currently limited in Canada. We are the exclusive provider of Redress Legal Expense Insurance, covered by Arch Insurance Canada.